Over the past year Xteriorscapes have been closely involved in design and project-management for the naturalisation of Dunbars Drain in Milns Park subdivision, Halswell, Christchurch.

Working alongside civil engineers, aquatic ecologists, contractors and clients, we designed a concept scheme to transform a classic agricultural box drain into a high-amenity waterway and green space for the community. Our design focused on greatly enhancing the ecological health of the drain, with strong use of riparian planting, boulders and deep pools to encourage fishlife into the waterway. We also strived to connect people with water, providing terraces, gently sloping lawns and bridges all along the waters edge.

With this project now complete, it’s fair to say Dunbars Drain has come along way since its origins as a ditch through the middle of a cocky’s paddock!

Anna Hoffmann